Gable Panels General -   Gable Panels typically LLC gable wall panels are the same thickness as the exterior walls below them. All necessary structural support for roof load beams, and any openings are orporated into them

Exterior Walls

Standard LLC Systems' exterior wall panels are 7 1/4" thick. Other thickness sizes are available specific to individual customer needs. All window and door openings, and associated headers, are built into the LLC panels at the factory. Further, an electrical chase is factory routed into each wall panel.

In most cases it is not necessary to use exterior sheathing, however, all panels should be wrapped in the field with house wrap as a good building practice.

Wall panels are custom made specific to each structure's architectural plans. Length's may vary from 3" to 40' or more, and while panel heights of 8', 9', and 10' are standard, LLC will build wall heights of any size to suit your needs. Curved walls are also available as part of our standard panel offering.

All types of exterior finishes; aluminum siding, brick, cedar shake, metal siding, stone, stucco, vinyl or wood siding are compatible with the LLC panelized wall system.

Roof panels by LLC are 4 wide and 12 thick and up to 36 long. They are supported by ridge and purlin (mid-span) glue laminated beams. Gable, Hip, Mansard, Arched and Flat roofs can all be constructed using LLC roof panels.

By design all LLC roofs are vaulted in the interior. The vaulted area can be left vaulted and showcase the expansiveness of your rooms or a floor can be constructed within to create a loft area thereby increasing square footage of living space within the same sized envelope.

Skylights and dormers are easily incorporated into LLC roofs